ALPIMMORAMA a 100% digital agency

ALPIMMORAMA is a 100% digital real estate agency located in Samoëns founded by Valérie Casartelli, a real estate agent for over 14 years in the Giffre valley.

What is the principle?

It is an agency where the main office is on the internet, with our website and our Facebook and Instagram accounts, our YouTube channel... We have voluntarily chosen not to have a physical agency in order to be more flexible and reactive. Moreover, real estate has changed a lot over the last 10 years and our experience in "agency" proves it; today 90% of the real estate projects started on the internet! A showcase on a website allows the prospect to take the time to select the properties, to benefit from a maximum of information and to have access to all the properties for sale. 


What about the human relationship?

At ALPIMMORAMAwe focus above all on the human aspect.  Nothing will ever replace the human relationship in a life project as important as the sale or purchase of a property. Our strength is therefore to be everywhere, with you! But above all, it's to be available at all times. There is nothing worse than waiting for a call from a professional for days on end. With us, it's not like that: one contact person, one number, one e-mail address, all for a guaranteed quick response and follow-up!

What is your sector?

We work mainly in the Giffre valley, from Taninges to Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval via Samoëns, Morillon, Verchaix and Rivière Enverse.... Soon we will be getting closer to the Mont-Blanc...

It all starts on the Internet but our exchanges
are real !

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