New at ALPIMMORAMA, the digital real estate agency in the Giffre Valley.

We have created a new section in which we highlight businesses, craftsmen, artists, farmers... in short, people who make the Giffre valley live. We have selected economic players in the region with whom we share the same values: ethics, benevolence, professionalism and independence. 

This section will allow future buyers to better project themselves in their new environment and to make them aware of the need to consume locally. It is also aimed at the inhabitants of the Giffre valley who will also be able to discover from a new angle the local shops that keep their villages alive.


Today Focus on...

And 6... 🍁 Aujourd’hui “Zoom sur… Sabrina Durgnat – Guide du Patrimoine à Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval”.
Sabrina tells us, with a communicative enthusiasm, about her passion for the heritage of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, which she wishes to share with as many people as possible.
She offers many thematic tours for young and old.
❗ ❗ Watch the video until the end because you will learn more about the architecture and traditional habitat of the Giffre valley. ❗ ❗

To contact Sabrina
☎️ 06 14 53 63 20 or 📩
orr on her website
and on Facebook : Visiter Sixt Fer à Cheval – Sabrina Durgnat guide du patrimoine or Instagram  


Focus on... L'Atelier Confidentiel in Samoëns

👉 Discover in this video this small restful cocoon and take the time for an enchanted interlude during which Justine will take care of you  

☘️ Justine usesnaturals products like Végétalement Provence et Hairborist to preserved the beauty of your hair
You can contact her by☎️ +33 (0)7 86 06 16 98 or 📩

L'Atelier Confidentiel is also on Instagram @l.atelierconfidentiel or on Facebook L’Atelier Confidentiel

💛A big thank you to Justine for her trust and for having accepted to be the first to be broadcast in this new section!
And thanks to Because Image for this great video.

Focus on ... Une fleur m'a dit in Samoëns

🌸 Today "Focus on... Une fleur m'a dit", florist in Samoëns. In this video you will discover Maddly's pretty and colourful shop full of original creations to decorate your home.

Maddly is passionate about her work and will create beautiful floral arrangements for all occasions with a smile and her legendary dynamism.

You can contact Une Fleur m'a dit by : ☎️ 04 56 12 53 99 ou 📩

“Une fleur m’a dit” is also on instagram and facebook : @une_fleur_ma_dit 

Focus on... L'Atelier de Puce in Samoëns

Today "Focus on... L'Atelier de Puce", artisanal manufacture of white glazed stoneware pottery, utilitarian and decorative.
Cécile received us with enthusiasm and humour in her workshop / shop in Mathonex on the heights of Samoëns where she makes and sells her magnificent pure and refined creations. You will find crockery (plates, salad bowls, bowls, cups, teapots, etc.) as well as interior and exterior decorative objects (lamps, candle holders, birdhouses, vases, flower pots, etc.) which will allow you to sublimate your table and decorate your interior with elegance.

You can contact L'Atelier de Puce by :
☎️ 06 58 10 45 56  ou.  📩
“L’Atelier de Puce” is also instagram and facebook :
🌸 Today "Focus on... Alpina Medica ". This small company, freshly created in 2021 by Arlette Rubaud, markets medicinal plants and products derived from the Alps in the form of herbal teas, organic essential oils, organic vegetable oils... She also offers training and workshops on the virtues of plants, which I had the chance to attend this summer.
Arlette talks to us with emotion about this passion that has driven her since she was young and takes advantage of this video to give us the benefits of some of the plants that we can find in the fields and woods of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval.
☘️ Watch the video to the end as you learn about the health benefits of an unloved plant with incredible qualities.
You can contact Alpina Medica :
☎️ 06 31 79 98 30 or
Here is the website to order good herbal tea made with ❤️ :

Today "Zoom on... Auberge du Rouet". This family-run inn, which has been in operation for several generations, offers traditional Savoyard cuisine prepared on the premises using fresh, seasonal produce and local products.

This place means a lot to me because I have been going there since I was a child, so I am particularly attached to it. The homemade dishes are very delicious and offer excellent value for money.

Catherine and Pascal tell us about the history of the hostel and their commitment to creating a friendly meeting place where locals and holidaymakers mingle happily throughout the year. 

You can contact them : ☎️ +33(0)4 50 34 40 89 or 📩                                  And on Facebook : @leRouet.Salvagny

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